Construction & Real Estate Law

Construction & Real Estate Law

Batu Law provides legal consultancy services to local and foreign real estate owners and investors regarding acquisition of real estate and reciprocity, purchasing and selling of real estate and transfer and management issues of ownership.

In addition to consultancy services, with its emphasis on the importance of effective follow-up, Batu Law ensures that all necessary actions to be taken before the administrative bodies are carried out.

Batu Law represents numerous companies operating in construction sector, which is the leading sector in Turkey and has a strong background and knowledge related to the execution of large scale projects including construction of infrastructure facilities and power plants. Having provided its clients legal services concerning construction of many residential and commercial projects, Batu Law continues to assist its clients in settling cases related to Build-Operate-Transfer projects, public and private procurements, joint-ventures, concession agreements and all type of construction contracts.

By analysing the legal status of the real estate before the construction project, preparing the contracts for real estate purchase and sale, solving legal and administrative disputes arising before, during and after the construction, Batu Law offers fast and efficient legal services as required by the sector.