Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Batu Law founder  Prof. Dr. Murat BALCI and the Criminal Law team he leads with his extensive knowledge and experience in the field, represent clients in all judicial and administrative proceedings before relevant authoritative bodies.

Since global competitive environment often require companies to take quick decisions, companies sometimes operate in “grey areas” and carry out some activities described as White Collar Crimes in Criminal Law and this leads to serious sanctions and great loss of reputation for companies. Batu Law, while representing the interests of its clients, strives to prevent administrative and penal sanctions and at the same time takes all necessary actions to protect clients’ reputation during these legal proceedings.

In this context, Batu Law offers national and international companies operating in Turkey legal consultancy services regarding their compliance with national and international anti-corruption regulations (such as “United Kingdom Bribery Act (UKBA) and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)) and represents them  before judicial and administrative bodies regardless of their status in disputes.