Labor Law department of Batu Law & Consultancy provides advocacy and consultancy services to its clients in the prevention and resolution of all kinds of conflicts related to the Labor Law legislation, especially the disputes between the employee and the employer.

Some of the areas of expertise provided by Labor Law Department of Batu Law & Consultancy are as follows:

-Preparation and auditing individual and collective labor agreements of definite or indefinite duration, revising them in accordance with current legislation and company needs,

- Preparation of minutes, defense request letters, warning, termination notices,

- Providing the necessary support for the recruitment and termination of employment contracts,

-Follow-up of lawsuits demanding all labor claims, especially severance and notice pay, wages, overtime, week holidays, annual leave, national holidays, and general holiday receivables,

-Follow-up of lawsuits demanding pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages arising from work accidents resulting in injury or death of the employee, and lawsuits demanding recourse from the employer for the damage of the institution substituted by the Social Security Institution against the employer,

- Follow-up of claims arising from reemployment and re-employment lawsuits,

- Follow-up of service and fee determination cases,

- Providing all kinds of complementary services related to employee/employer representation and litigation in mediation negotiations.